Architectural Lettering

Cast Letters

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Cast metal letters are made by pouring molten metal into sand molds offering a greater depth, texture and dimension than flat cut out letters. Honor, integrity and beauty are the final products we create in everlasting bronze and aluminum.

Exhibiting information in a museum or gracing the facade of a university, hospital or governmental building, bronze and aluminum identification in individual letters describes and memorializes achievements in the highest form. Architects concept or your own inspiration, our craftsmen will create a unique graphic presentation.

Distinguished lettering and logos or any identification will be cast in ageless bronze or aluminum.


cast aluminum letters - American Bold

cast aluminum letters - Architectural

cast bronze letters - Avant Extra Bold

cast bronze letters - Avant Garde Medium

cast bronze letters - Bodoni Condensed

cast aluminum letters - Clarendon Fortune Bold

cast aluminum letters - Clarendon Medium

Craw Clarendon Condensed

cast aluminum letters - Copperplate

Eurostyle Bold Extended

Friz Quadrata


Futura Bold

Garamond Bold

Garamond Bold Italic

cast aluminum letters - Garamond Regular

cast bronze letters - Goudy Extra Bold

Helvetica Light


Helvetica Italic

cast bronze letters - Helvetica Medium Condensed

Helvetica Bold


Microgramma Extended


Optima Semi Bold

cast bronze letters - Palatino

Palatino Semi Bold


cast aluminum letters - Ribbon Condensed

Ribbon Deep



Roman Round

cast bronze letters - Standard Block

Times Bold

cast aluminum letters - Times Bold Italic

Times New Roman

Twentieth Century

Univers 67

University Roman Bold